Our sheepskins

Our 170 Gotlandic sheep produce quality sheepskins and meat. The animals spend most of their lives outside on our own grazing land. The sheepskins we produce come in a variety of shades and lock formations. The finished skins have a wool length of 3.5 cm. The skins are divided into different price categories according to their quality (size, shade, type of lock and appearance). The skins are cured in a special way and can be machine washed at 30 degrees on a wool program. It is important to follow the washing instructions and to use wool detergent. We also have skins with full length wool but please note these are not machine washable. Our skins are cured and prepared by ‘AB Tranås skinnberedning’ or ‘Donnia Skinn AB’.

We raise our animals with care and our goal is that our skins should be of the highest quality possible.

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